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On Vision Sunday, we announced our vision initiatives for the next 12 months. We have experienced incredible growth, community, and salvations in our first 11! We are even more expectant for this upcoming year. 

2 “Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep. Isaiah 54:2 CSB

We've got a big year ahead and are excited to put down roots in Clay County. Read below for our vision initiatives.

The best is ahead,


We exist to reach people far from God and show them how to follow Jesus. Our ultimate goal is not to put on an event in which people go from bad to good — we want to see them go from death to life in Jesus. We are believing for more people to Encounter God than last year.

167 people made a commitment to follow Jesus in YEAR ONE


Young leaders are not the NEXT generation — they're the NOW generation. We believe in investing into young leaders. We want to help them find and live out their specific calling to advance the gospel.

  • 1900 U launched this year with 10 students taking college classes.

  • The 1900 Internship will launch this month with 15 Interns.

  • 1900 YTH launched this year and are now running over 40 students.

  • Our staff team has grown significantly.

  • Each of the above programs have been meeting in borrowed spaces all over the county from barns to amenity centers and have maxed out these locations.

We are excited to announce that we will be moving all of these OPERATIONS into our very own 1900 HQ – JANUARY 2019.

1900 HQ is 2,200 square foot of space that we will move into on October 1st. For the first time, we will have 24/7/365 access to our very own space since launching the church. 1900 HQ can accommodate up to 150 people at a time. This will allow for growth in YTH especially. HQ will also be used for offices Monday–Thursday during the day. Our Sunday worship services will continue to be held at Ridgeview High.

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We recently launched our increased emphasis on Outreach with Outreach WKND. Over 100 people served at Outreach WKND. In addition to this annual event, we are beginning quarterly outreaches through our Hangouts.

We have recently begun partnerships with Ridgeview High School and Grove Park Elementary as local outreach partners. We also financially support Josh Freeman, a missionary to Togo, Africa.

The 1900 Outreach Truck will launch this year – taking the gospel to more PEOPLE than we could ever reach, staying in one place.

The 1900 Outreach Truck will be a Food Truck style truck or trailer, fully equipped with equipment and supplies to serve communities with excellence. This truck will be used for mobile food pantry, hurricane + disaster relief, high school athletic events, apartment block parties, etc. 

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Anything the world does — God's people should do much better.

This year we are working to take our creative elements (design, video, songwriting, etc.) to a new level of excellence. We are working to influence culture through creative influence. We want to be a resource for churches nationwide. One of our biggest projects this year is 1900 Worship's first album. The single, "Face to Face" just released August 19th. 


Community is the secret sauce of Nineteen Hundred. We value process — but never more than people. We will accommodate our growth by making more room in our 11 AM and 7 PM services instead of adding more services or locations. 

The newly added 11 AM service has doubled since launching in May

Overall Sunday service attendance grew 41% from May — August

Over 100 people attend a Hangout weekly




Being a church plant less than a year old, we have been paying down our launch debt each month and are believing to be debt free this year!



The 11 AM service has allowed us to reach a diverse age range. We believe this is just the beginning! This year we will be investing significantly in 1900 Kids to make their environments even more fun, more engaging and the safest they can possibly be! 





2018–19 Goal — $100,000